This is a ’Bible’ of dances compiled by Rita Gosney for home dancing over the pandemic. Most were devised by her and a few are old time ones. This has been used by Bracknell Reel Club for meetings via Zoom. Other MC’s have also included some other dances, these are chopped down to three or four times through, and all are normally danced as first couple each time.

  1)WARM UP Music and sequence
  3)CORONA Jig
  5)MIRROR REEL Medley
  8)16-BAR CANADIAN BARN DANCE – (7 times thro’)
14)HANDS, FACE, SPACE Square set formation
15)LAST CHANCE DANCE (Line dance style)
19)20/20 VISION (Square set formation)
23)ONE YEAR ON (a 3-couple dance for Zoom)
25)RULE OF 6
26)ALL FOR MARY (proper Scottish Dance!

1) WARM UP Music and sequence
1 - 8Right Toe F&B, S&B, B&B, S&B, rpt , Repeat Left
9 - 15Plié together down+up, rpt, Repeat apart
16 - 24Right fwd lean fwd 4, back 4, Repeat left
Fig of 8 Rt ft. Repeat with Left
25 - 32Rt Arm fwd, side, back, down, Rpt, Repeat Left
Shoulder roll back, Rpt, Repeat Forward
33 - 40Swing left+ rt up+over, Repeat reverse
41 - 48Arms in air above head, touch toes,
Shake it all out legs arms shoulders etc.

2) ISOLATION REEL Medley3:22
32 BAR STRATHSPEY & REEL - STEP SEQUENCE (twice through each)
Music: MacDonald of Keppoch - Medley S2x32+R2x32
1 - 8Set, R hand with ghost opposite to change place - repeat
9 - 16Travelling step, advance and retire x 2 steps with clap – repeat
17 - 24Petronella Quarter turn x 2 –dance half circle back to place
25 - 32Back to back with ghost opposite, set and turn single

3) CORONA Jig2:51
32 BAR JIG - STEP SEQUENCE Music 3 times thro
Music: Misses Cramb of Linlithgow - J3X32
From your starting position:
1 - 8R hands Xcross, back with L (back to place)
9 - 164 single pas de bas R L R L; Forward 2 steps (R,L) Back 2 steps
17 - 24Face down set – Reel of 3 (starting R shoulder)
25 - 32Circle Left & back

32 BAR REEL - STEP SEQUENCE – Music 3 times thro’
Music: Tap the Barrel - R3X32
1 - 8Set, cast 1 place, Advance & retire (with hankie flourish, as in Morris dancing!)
9 - 16Full figure of 8 (starting from 2nd place so up set thro’ couple above)
17 - 24Set, Petronella to right ¼ (so into midline) Set, Petronella ¼ (so now halfway round)
25 - 32Chase back to place, Advance & retire (with hankie flourish)

5) MIRROR REEL Medley3:23
32 BAR MIRROR REEL STEP SEQUENCE - Strathspey Reel Medley (twice thro’ each)
Music: Bon Viveur - Medley S2x32+R2x32
1 - 8Set, cast one place, Set, cast one place again (to 3rd position)
9 - 16Dance 2 steps up centre, cast down own side back to 3rd position, set & turn single
17 - 24Mirror reel UP set (L Rsh, M LSh to start ) Use hands joined if poss
25 - 322 Hand turn (in 2 bars) X over with R hand, UP outside of set to top & X to own side (basically dancing a C-Shape)

Couples around the room, facing anti-clockwise, partners side by side, nearer hands joined, ladies on the outside.
Slow march
1 - 8 With nearer hands joined, walk slowly along the line of dance, turn on bar 8
9 - 16 With nearer hands joined, walk slowly against the line of dance back to starting point, turn on 16
17 - 20 With nearer hands joined, facing along line of dance, balance away from partner and back towards partner twice. Finish in ballroom hold.
21 - 24 Waltz round for four, along line of dance.
25 - 32 Repeat bars 17-24.
33 - 36 With nearer hands joined, facing along line of dance, balance away from partner and back towards partner twice. Finish in ballroom hold.
37 - 40 Polka round for four, along line of dance.
41 - 48 Repeat bars 33-40.
Videos – Swedish Masquerade
In ballgowns,
In kilts. Look out for the Charlie’s Angel hairstyle!

Couples around the room in anti-clockwise direction, nearer hands joined, ladies on the outside.
1 - 2Start man’s left foot, lady’s right foot
Walk three “normal” steps forward buton the fourth step, don’t change weight, just point the foot forward
3 - 4Walk three steps sideways , man to his right, lady to her left
man passes behind lady
on the fourth step, don’t change weight, just point the foot forward
5 - 6Walk three steps sideways again , man to his left, lady to her right together
This time man passes in front of lady
7 - 8Walk three steps backward, but on the fourth step, don’t change weight, just point the foot forward
9 - 12Separate full turns outward back to back, man anti clockwise, lady clockwise
Finish facing partner. You may time for balance here, or swing of the foot before …
13 - 16Waltz round
Videos – Eva Three Step
or with a swing of the

8) 16-BAR CANADIAN BARN DANCE – (7 times thro’)2:08
Danced to the Music for The MilitaryTwo Step 7x16
1 - 8Step forward 3 steps (starting outside foot) and kick, back 3 steps and tap
Step sideways R,L,R L & clap and step back to place (face partner)
9 - 16Take ballroom hold and Chassis (that’s 2 slide steps) to L right, M left and back to place
Step hop x 4 to face original direction

32 BAR REEL - STEP SEQUENCE – 4 times thro’
Danced to the Music for Summer on the Beach R4x32
1 - 8Starting outside foot 2 travelling steps forward, jump out & back (setting step) – REPEAT travelling backwards
9 - 16Full Figure of 8 (in & up as dancing couple)
17 - 24Dance down set 2 travelling steps, R hand turn and dance back to place
25 - 32Step R, kick Left; Step L, kick Right; Clap - R hand to L shoulder; Clap – L hand to R shoulder;
Step R, kick Left; Step L, kick Right; Clap - X chest, Clap - Slap thighs
Bars 25-32 may need a little practice beforehand to keep in time!

32 BAR STRATHSPEY (Ladies following L and Men following M for Zoom watchers!)
Music: S4x32
1 - 8Dance 2 steps forward (starting outside foot) & back
5 - 8Chassis (that’s 2 slide steps) to ladies right, gents left - lady turns under on way back – REPEAT (if one person chassis both ways)
9 - 162 hand turn (4 bars), set, Change places R hand
17 - 24Step DOWN outside of set (M turning to his right and L turning to her left) X diagonally to original side, set & turn single
25 - 32Grapevine (Step on R X left behind, step R touch together; Step on L X R behind, step L touch together, R hand change places – REPEAT

11) DON’T TOUCH!3:16
(or Contactless sequence) 16 Bars danced 6 times through
Music S3x32 Cherrybank Gardens (throughout the text, step = 1 Strathspey setting step)
1 - 8Shake your hands (3), clap,clap,clap; 1 step forward and 1 step back
Turn to the right, all the way round, Set to the R & tap the ground (3 taps L foot)
8 - 16Set to the Right, slap your thighs (3), dance to change places to the opposite side
Dance half circle back to place (3 steps) and Set to the Left

Music J3x32 Farewell to Balfour Road
1 - 8Set & Link (from 2nd or 1st position) Set , & cross over
9 - 16REPEAT & cross back
17 - 24R & L Hands X
25 - 32Set, Advance & Retire. Set & turn single

Music : R3x32 Falls of Feugh
1 - 82 Hand turn (in 4 bars) Set & cast
9 - 16Dance down outside of set; turn L hand progressing to 1st corners
17 - 24Hello Goodbye setting with Goodbye, goodbye (back to own side)
25 - 324 Hands X & back

14) HANDS, FACE, SPACE Square set formation3:39
32 STRATHSPEY 4x32 The Garry Strathspey
1 - 8Wash your hands (action) & cross over; On side - Wash your hands (action) cross to change place
9 - 16Back to back with opposite, back to back on side (partner)
Register where you are now – ½ way round set from starting position
17 - 32Full Schiehallion figure (with clap after long step)
You need to end where you started the Schiehallion
Note: Schiehallion is either 2 short steps or 2 long steps.

15) LAST CHANCE DANCE (Line dance style)2:49
32 JIG 4x32 Famous Baravan (limited to 4 times thro’)
1 - 82 steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps forward and step back with full R shoulder turn
9 - 16Set sideways to R, cross L foot over & clap, Set sideways to L, cross R foot over & clap twice
17 - 32Set; travel forwards (turn to R on 4th bar) REPEAT 3 TIMES (i.e. dancing a square in your own space)

32 JIG 4x32 Macleod’s Fancy
1 - 8Half figure 8, Set & cross over
9 - 16Down the middle & back
17 - 24Half figure 8, Set & cross over
25 - 32Dance Culla Bay move – R hands together then twirl out, Set , Jazz hands wave, and finger point with trigger (as in you’re fired!)

32 JIG City Lights (limited to 4 times through)
1 - 8Set & cast; Set to each other; pass left shoulder & set advancing to face 1st corners
9 - 16Dance round 1st corner R shoulder into LEFT shoulder ½ Reel Xcross (ending in middle of lines across the dance)
17 - 24Set in middle; Advance & retire; pass R shoulder & set advancing to face 3rd corner;
25 - 32Dance round 3rd corner R shoulder into LEFT shoulder ½ Reel Xcross and Jump into place (ready to start again)

S3 x 32 Music for Bruce’s Men / Byron Strathspey
1 - 8Petronella into centre line, Set; Turn person on side (L turn for Lady and R turn for Man)
(2nd couple have stepped up)
9 - 16Dance down middle 2 steps, 2-Hand turn; Dance on for 2 steps, 2-Hand turn;
17 - 24Cross & cast round into side lines (middle position), Set and X onto own side;
25 - 32Right shoulder Reel of 3 on side (L facing down and M up)

19) 20/20 VISION (Square set formation)
Reel 32 x 42:50
1 - 8Grand chain round set
9 - 16Back to Back with opposite and B to B with partner
17 - 24Circle halfway and LEFT hand star back
25 - 32Set twice in place, into middle and out

S4x32 music for Butterscotch & Honey
1 - 8Set; Advance 1 step & back. LEFT hand turn and move down to 2nd place (2nd couple up)
9 - 16Turn RIGHT hand 1 ¼ into LEFT hand Teapots & back to place (Lady DOWN, Man UP)
17 - 24Set; 2-hand turn in centre, Set in place
25 - 32Dance ½ figure 8 UP thro 2’s; then ½ R’s & L’s (with 2’s) ready to start again from 1st place

R4x32 The Music will Tell You
1 - 8Set & cast; LEFT hand turn ¾ into lines of 3 across dance (Both facing OUT Lady DOWN Man UP,) Balance in line
9 - 16RIGHT shoulder Reel across dance; PASS RIGHT shoulder in centre, (Lady UP Man DOWN)
17 - 24RIGHT shoulder Reel across dance plus a bit more, BOTH ending on wrong side
25 - 32Set there and turn single; Set & Cross to own side

22) THE ROAD MAP1:49
J3x32 Muirland Willie (cutdown to 3 times thro)
1 - 8Full figure of 8 round 2’s (down set)
9 - 16Down middle,(3 bars/steps) turn R hand and back to place
17 - 24Inveran Reel (or sausage shape) for 1st couple
25 - 32Full R and L through (ending back in 1st place)

23) ONE YEAR ON (a 3-couple dance for Zoom)2:23
J4x32 The Aviator (cutdown to 4 times thro)
1 - 8Cross over & down into double triangles on each side
9 - 16Cast out back to place & weave round 2’s and 3’s, dance up set back to place
17 - 24Cross down for reflection reels L starting L shoulder, M right, ending on wrong side 2nd place (2’s have moved up)
25 - 32½ R’s & L’s with 2’s; set and turn single (back in 1st place ready to dance again)

S3x32 (music for Wind on Loch Fyne)3:16
1 - 8Lead down 2 steps into an incomplete La Baratte (see below) passing lady across into
9 - 16Full figure 8 up round 2’s (who are in 1st place)
17 - 24Petronella into lines of 3 across dance, set; Petronella again into lines of 3 on side, set;
25 - 32Join hands, face up and turn person on side all the way round (L hand for Lady & R hand for Man); Set & cross to own side
 La Baratte:
Man 1/2 turns Lady RH, retaining hands but at arm’s length from each other
Man retraces steps with Lady turning right under Man’s arm briefly into Allemande hold (Man behind Lady facing Lady’s original place) & releasing Lady’s RH she turns under Man’s left arm until almost in original places
Couple change places LH to opposite place (not this move for this dance)

25) RULE OF 6
J4x32 (music Joe McDiarmid’s Jig) A 3-couple set as it’s for Rule of 6!2:26
1 - 8Cross & cast into 2nd place (2’s move up); cross down L shoulder round 3’s on opposite side & back to place
9 - 16Face UP - Reel of 3 on side (Lady right shoulder, Man left shoulder) As mirror reel
17 - 24Half fig 8 UP and then Half fig 8 DOWN (basically end in the same position!)
25 - 32Half R’s & L’s with 2’s (or with no hands pass R & L shoulders); R hand turn or birl back to place

26) ALL FOR MARY (proper Scottish Dance!)1:53
1 - 8Cross & cast (2’s move up )Petronella into midline & balance in lines 3 (up/down)
9 - 16Lines Adv & retire; Petronella and balance in sidelines; (Turn Right)
17 - 24Reels of 3 on own sides; (Turn Right)
25 - 32Reels of 3 across set; R hand turn to own side

R4x32 Bratach Bana first 2 times then Marie’s Wedding music, often the final dance of a Scottish evening (courtesy of David 8 times thro cut down to 4)
Danced as 3 couple set — dancing couple start in 2nd position)
(Words from Marie’s Wedding Step we gaily, on we go — Heel for heel and toe for toe)
1 - 8In position with R foot — heel, toe, heel, toe and set; then with L foot repeat
9 - 16Back to back with 1st corners and then back to back with 2nd corners
17 - 24Teapots — Lady with the 3’s and Man with the 1’s and repeat at other end
25 - 32Right shoulder reels across dance Lady with 1’s, Man with 3’s

Other dances we have danced on Corona Nights
(Chopped down to three or four times through)
All for Mary
The Aviator
The Byron Strathspey
Catch the Wind
Cauld Kail
The Deil Amang the Tailors
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
Good Hearted Glasgow
Irish Rover
Joie de Vivre
Major Ian Stewart
Minister on the Loch
The Montgomeries Rant
Muirland WIllie
The Reel of the Royal Scots
Triple Happiness