Events in the area

Please see the RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch Scottish Country Dance Diary for events in the area.

Club Diary

The Bracknell Reel Club meets at the Bullbrook Community Centre at 8pm (currently 8:15pm) on Thursdays from September to the end of May. We finish at 10pm.

Beginners are welcome on all nights, please tell us in advance if you are coming.

Our teachers are: Anne Whillis, Peter Loveland and Sarah Whillis. All are welcome, in fact encouraged, to try taking an evening (see Preparing a club night or half-night).

These dates are stll very provisional
 Key  T: - Teacher  S: - Club Night Social

Sep 9*local electios*
16Start of Season: David McQuillan
23T: Peter Loveland
30S: Steve and Judy
Oct 7T: Anne Whillis
14S: Lilias Anderson
21T: Anne Whillis
28Autumn Social: David McQuillan
Nov 4T: Anne Whillis
11S: Kathy McCaffrey
18T: Anne Whillis
25S: Roy Birkenshaw
Dec 2S: Rita Gosney
9T: Sarah Whillis
16Christmas Social: Hugh Dalrymple
23*no dancing*
30*no dancing*
Jan 6S: David McQuilan
13T: Sarah Whillis
20S: Hugh Dalrymple
27Burns Night: Roy and Rita
Feb 3T: Peter Loveland
10S: Isabel and Lynda
17S: Penny and Peter
24T: Peter Loveland
Mar 3S: Hugh Dalrymple
10Spring Social: various
17S: Lilias Anderson
24T: Peter Loveland
26Joint Spring Dance with Camberley at Carnation Hall
31S:Rita Gosney
Apr 7S: Kathy McCaffrey
14T: Peter Loveland
21S: Steve and Judy
28S: Bob and Annette
May 5S: Hugh Dalrymple
12AGM: David McQuillan
19S: Lilias Anderson
26End of Season: various
June 2S:

No more club dancing till 8th September 2022.